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Boost Your Sales with Impressive Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography studio in Manchester | One North Studio

Boost Your Sales with Impressive Commercial Photography

In the modern world, businesses and brands are becoming more and more dependent on an online presence to boost sales. You know without a doubt that you have a great business or a unique brand, but the question is: how do you encourage people to click on your amazing products?

If you’ve been struggling to increase sales, you’ve probably already tried to bump up your advertising budget, or have come to rely on quality reviews—but the truth is, the online world is a visual place. If you want to really reach your target audience, you need images that simply cannot be ignored. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are the quality of your images saying about your brand?

Are they helping, or are they hurting? That’s where commercial photography comes in to play.

Commercial photography is the art of taking photos that enhance a business’ presence, helping it to boost profits through high-quality images that speak to its professionalism and quality services—and, more importantly, its customers. A broad term, commercial photography can refer to images taken of products, of completed projects, of staff, or really anything related to the business. If it’s used in support of your business, it’s commercial photography.

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The Online World is Visual Medium

Gone are the days when every customer had to walk into a brick-and-mortar store to examine a product before purchasing it. These days, customers are turning to the internet to examine products before ordering them. This has created an online market heavily dominated by the visual medium.

A potential customer is limited to just one of their five senses, sight, so it makes sense to maximize the visuals your business presents. The right photo can make the detail of your product pop, presenting an accurate image while maximizing its best features.

In a place where only your eyes can confirm the quality of a product, photography takes center stage.

High Quality Photos Boost Trust and Confidence

For a businesses’ website or social media brand, presentation is everything. No matter how good your services and well written your reviews, a grainy photo can easily sink a sale. When customers use an online retailer, or scope out a business prior to visiting, it is the images they instinctively go to. If your photos are poor quality, customers may suspect you aren’t proud to show what you're offering.

With professional photos, customers will know not just that your products and services are high quality, but that you emphasize a commitment to quality in all areas of your business. When customers believe you have confidence in your product, they will be confident in your product!

Consumers Rely on Images to Tell Story

Modern consumers are looking for more than simply a product or service to use, they are looking to emotionally invest in something as well. Sure, your business might offer a quality product, but what truly makes it different from others? Is it locally owned with a story of small-town success? Will this product inspire me to achieve something greater? What is unique about it? And how will I be unique by using it?

The modern consumer wants a story that can grip them, something that convinces them your service or product carries some emotional weight.

Through images, they want to know what you believe as a business or a brand.

Since mankind first started drawing on cave walls, imagery has been one of the best ways to convey a story. This medium of storytelling not only enhances the narrative experience, but tends to stick around longer in the minds of viewers over things that are read or told. By using professional commercial photography, your business can reach a wider audience, more closely target your niche, and craft a story of what your brand represents in the minds of potential customers.

If you’ve been looking for commercial photography service in Manchester, and you value quality products alongside top-notch customer service, reach out to us for a quote!. One North Studio is the best product photography studio in North West.

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