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This type of Product Photography gives an entirely different appearance to your clothing item. Flat lay  clothing photography style is a solution for those items that naturally keep its shape and are not to lose where body shape is required to define the shape and depth. Looks more artistic and looks great on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest). We find this style of Product Photography most suitable for simple items like shirts, hoodies, jeans, tshirts.

Help your customers learn more about your items. Use your e-commerce flat lay photography to show how you care about details.

Flat lay photography is a new trend adapted by big clothing brands like: All Saints, Zara or H&M. It shows your clothing product in different way.

Also, check our Ghost Mannequin Photography. Which gives different look to your garments.

Turn around time: 3-5 days. 

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Flat Lay Product Photography Manchester

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