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Jewellery and Watch photography is one of the most challenging photographs to create without a doubt. The shiny surface of jewellery is tricky to photograph since it reflects everything around it. The jewellery pieces are often very small and require special techniques and lenses to capture details. At One North Studio, we understand the importance of a good jewellery photo and will work hard to capture its effortless beauty.

Jewellery photography services for ecommerce & catalogs


Here at One North Studio, we have all the necessary skills and equipment to achieve desired look of your jewellery.  Our team have 10 years of combined Product Photography experience. Maintain the same quality, same angle, and retouching from shoot to shoot.

Our photographers use focus stacking technology to create sharp, fully focused jewellery imagery.



Nationwide Service: You ship. We shoot & safely return your products. Our photo studio is located in Central Manchester, UK. We've had clients from London, Leeds, Birmingham, Kent, York, Glasgow, Bristol and several other cities.


  • Retouching included
  • Test shoot before the start
  • Revisions accepted
  • Unlimited usage license

Our Process: We are located in the Manchester, UK. For most of our projects, we start by discussing what you need via email or phone. After confirming details, you can ship products to us for the shoot.


Once the shoot is complete, we ship your products back to you. For local clients with high end jewellery, you can also drop off/pick up your pieces instead of having it shipped. 

The best way to explain how you want your products shot is to send us links to sample images from other sites that you like. This allows us to confirm whether we can deliver per your expectations.



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Jewellery Photography in Manchester

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