Ghost or Invisible  Mannequin photography is one of the most popular choices for clothing photography. This gives your clothing an invisible mannequin effect where the garment is free of any distraction while still showing its natural on body shape. This is perfect for your website, catalogs, or eCommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Ghost Mannequin photography gives the buyer a clean image while retaining attractive curves without distraction while keeping your inventory photos consistent and unified.

Nowadays most eCommerce businesses rely on ghost mannequin photography to present their apparel products to the end customer. While this type of clothing photography is more expensive due to its complex photography needs and extensive editing, it still is the number one choice of most apparel sellers. 

Another advantage of ghost mannequin photography is that manufacturers label is also visible as well as internal material.

Here ate One North Studio, we know the importance of a good quality ghost mannequin photography and have the necessary skills and equipment to undertake any volume of clothing.

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