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Wall and Floor Tile Photography

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In a world increasingly dominated by online shopping, the images used to market products can be just as important as the products themselves. To maintain your competitive edge in a fluid marketplace, the expediency at which you are able to move your new creation from production to distribution is the difference between a successful launch and missing the consumer window.

That is why we at One North Studio offer professional photography designed to capture both wall and floor tile designs in the highest resolution, with the most eye-catching light and color—alongside offerings of the latest in CGI technology to digitally display your products where they might appear in residential or commercial markets in a fraction of the time.

The Work We Do

Send us your tiles and our team of installation professionals will work to display your products in a manner and setting that emphasizes their unique style and design philosophy. Every product is different, and to reflect this every room-set we offer to feature them will be tailored to perfectly accent their unique aesthetics.

Whatever specific requests or requirements, we will work to ensure all tiles are expertly installed and displayed in handcrafted room-sets designed to maximize appeal. Props included in each room-set will ensure the environment has a “lived-in” and natural appeal, giving potential customers a sense of the tile’s prominence in everyday living.

Our photographers will then capture images of your product in a manner designed to best display the richness of their colors and texture.


After the shoot, these images will be handed off to our team of post-production editors, who will ensure each photo provides the most eye-catching representation of your products as they would appear in your own home or business. 

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CGI: A Revolutionary New Way to Show Off Your Product

While many companies engage exclusively in the lengthy and often expensive process of building room-sets from scratch, we at (insert company name here) also offer CGI room-sets as an optional alternative to our traditional services.

Our technicians are capable of replicating bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other environments to suit the particular style of your tile. This is achieved by modelling and rendering realistic luxury scenes to show off your products in the most professionally lit and applicable digital locations. These virtual room-sets are then seamlessly combined with studio quality photography of the tile pieces, allowing for a final image that is natural, appealing, and a perfect representation of the real thing. 


Faster and more affordable than manual methods, CGI technology allows us to not only to customize room-sets without physical limitations, but also allows for easier editing to meet your specific needs. Through this service, we are able to capture a wider sample of room-sets for a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. 

Let’s Work Together

In the world of online shopping, a product that doesn’t catch the ever-scrolling consumer’s eye can make all the difference in sales. No matter the quality of your product, if the image doesn’t get encourage the scroller to stop, there’s no chance of them clicking to know more. 

Get in CONTACT with us, and we will ensure your product’s online image is designed from the start to entice your target customer and covert that interest into a sale. 

Through high-quality images and the latest in CGI technology, we at One North Studio will enhance the appeal of your products to help your business expand its reach and stay competitive in the fluid markets of online shopping. 

Wall and Floor Tile Photography Studio based in Manchester, UK

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