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Benefits of 360-Degree Product Photography for Your Online Business | Manchester Photographer

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

benefits of 360 product photography for your online business | manchester product photography studio

Benefits of 360-Degree Product Photography for Your Online Business

Before committing to a purchase, customers love seeing as many pictures as they possibly can of a product. In fact, most customers will click through all available photos until the end right off the bat. Since the item cannot physically be in your customer’s hand yet, the more images of all angles to the product, the better. This allows your customer to really see what the item looks like for a better overall feel of what they are looking to purchase. The latest trend in web and eCommerce imaging is 360-degree product photography. Most shoppers will say that this is a must-have for them to make a purchase. Here are some of the benefits of 360-degree product photography for your online business.

360 product photography in manchester

#1. Shopping Experience is Increased

The experience with online shopping is just as important as the end result. Unfortunately, over the years, the internet has appeared to have a decrease in this experience. However, customers are now given a great shopping experience by being able to interact with a product through 360-degree photography. Not to mention, this is all done with using just their mouse. This is both easy and convenient for customers. They can click and drag a 360-degree photo to view your product from every single angle they would like to see. This gives the customer full control of what they want to see and not only what you are allowing them to see. You will see an increase in satisfaction from your online shopping customers.

#2. Increase in Trust

Whether you are a small business or not, 360-degree photography allows visitors to feel as if they are shopping with a real company. Their trust in you as a company with increase and they will further feel comfortable in placing an order with you. Not only that but by allowing customers to trust you, you are also presenting your image and brand very well. A trusting customer will also be more likely to recommend your business to others.

#3. Product Return Decreases

A return on a product is always concerning and frustrating for any eCommerce business. Returns can be costly and may result in backlash from customers that will no longer be returning to your business. Customers want nothing more than to feel confident in what they are buying. Without enough product images, a customer will not feel satisfied or confident in the product they are buying. This is why 360-degree photography is so important to offer. By giving your products a better visual, customers understand the product better and returns will less likely occur.

360 product photography in manchester - one north studio

#4. Visually Appealing

Simple product images that are the standard of what you see everywhere else are no longer enticing for customers. They want as much of an in-store type experience as they can get online. 360-degree images of your products are visually appealing to customers and the level of engagement goes up.

#5. It Is Cost-effective

You may be shocked to know that 360-degree photography for products is cheaper than standard professional photos. All that it requires is high-quality software and 360 compatible camera. This is considered cost-effective because it saves you time, money, and reduces the need for other resources. If you can save money and spend it wisely on your business, why would you not consider such a cost-effective resource?

#6. Conversion Rates will Increase

360-degree photos that are offered on products have proven to show that conversion rates have increased for businesses by about 13 percent. This is a huge difference that greatly impacts the revenue of a business. Just think about the potential in revenue with this increase by just simply using better imagery.

#7. Revenues are Increased

Speaking of revenue, an increase in it is yet another benefit of 360-degree photography. By combining all the above factors, it makes sense that your revenue will increase and your online business will see even greater profits. This is what every business is aiming for so why would you not consider 360-degree photography?

360 product photography in manchester - top quality


Do not be stuck in old trends or habits. As an online business, you should be offering 360-degree images of your products. This will not only allow for your business to bring in more money, but it will also make for a fantastic customer buying experience on your website. Repeat customers are crucial for businesses. Make sure you are bringing them in by keeping them satisfied with 360-degree photography.

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