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3D Ghost Mannequin and Activewear Photography | Manchester

3d clothing photography and activewear in Manchester - One North Studio

3D Ghost Mannequin and Activewear Clothing Photography

3D ghost mannequin photos are very popular for online-shopping websites, especially for sportswears. Because the mannequin makes the apparel look more fit and in better shape. We offer a range of fashion photo solutions with models, on ghost-mannequins and laid-flat garment photography. One North Studio has taken many ghost mannequin images for different types of clothing: both fashion daily wear and sports garments such as swiming suits.

Ghost-Mannequin clothing photography is an exciting way to present your garments to the world. It is the ultimate photography method to focus the customer’s attention exclusively onto the product. One North Studio offers a range of ghost mannequin photography services applicable to all kinds of products - including tops, bottoms, and products of various difficulty. All designed to perform online.

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