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Best Manchester Product Photography - One North Studio

Updated: May 4, 2020

best commercial product photography in manchester

Best Manchester Product Photography

One North Studio is a Manchester-based professional product photography team. We specialize in product photography, eCommerce photography, creative photography as well as model and fashion photography.

We are a fully equipped product photography studio with the latest digital technology and we can take on any request, from small product quantities to high volume catalogs comprising thousands of photos.

Located in central Manchester, we have been capturing exceptional product hero shots for over a decade. Our time tested approach to product photography shoots typically includes the following:

· We develop creativity in our concepts

· Location scouting, talent casting

· Each product shot is treated like a piece of art

· A hair & makeup artist (if required)

· We’ll provide you with several finished looks to have a few options.

We also have a state-of-the-art Manchester-based production studio to capture your professional photos of products, advertising material, business photography and more.

Our excellence in product photography comes from the expertise to know how to best position, light and edit each photograph.

Using top of the range photographic equipment and techniques, we are able to deliver a high-quality professional finish to your product shots that promote product sales.

Our highly skilled professional photographers are about exceptional attention to detail, ensuring the best results every time at a cost-effective price but also very keen on excellent customer service means nothing is more important than to have a happy customer.

Contact our Best Manchester Product Photography Studio today and let us demonstrate how with the great product photography your product can improve and drive your business.

high-end food photography in north west england, manchester


One of the most popular clothing photography is the ghost (invisible) mannequin photography. This is perfect for websites, clothing catalogs or eCommerce platforms like eBay & Amazon. Ghost Mannequin photography allows you to create quick and effective images in particular for clothing items that require shades and style. This is a great way of presenting your items just exactly the way they are with all distractions put aside.


Many of our clients also find that Flat Lay clothing photography provides a different appearance to the clothing item. This clothing photography style shows a different side of the quality of the product, expressing the style and quality in a way that the customer finds attractive and inspiring.

C is essential when it comes to clothing photography. Our professional clothing photographers are highly qualified professionals with an exceptional eye for detail. They will ensure that images reflect the clothing materials in its natural color and true texture.


At One North Studio, we focus on highlighting clothing, providing stylish, modern clothing photography, from casual and sportswear, to evening wear and baby clothing. Our aim is to provide clothing photography services that help you get your message and brand across. Whether you need a mannequin, ghost mannequin, model or flat lay clothing photography, we can achieve great results – ensuring your product reflects your brand and the style.

We will help you to select the style for your product, producing high-quality fashion images. You can select to use a model to promote your brand with real people adding another dimension to your clothing range.


White background photography for your eCommerce business is more and more popular day by day and we follow all the modern trends. An effective eCommerce solution is key to a successful online business. The real market driver is an effective and powerful online presence where your business needs to stand out from the competition. In order to maintain a profitable and successful business, you need to think of a powerful way of advertising.

At One North Studio, we provide eCommerce photography, which is high quality but simple white background photography.


Creative still-life product photography allows us to create beautiful photos and to provide users the best buying experience. The use of props helps to bring out certain features of the product in the photo. This allows you to engage your potential buyers and help them to get an idea of how your product can be different from your competitors.

At One North Studio, our creative team of photographers will work with you to transform your ideas into real life. Our goal is to enhance your items with props so the image gives the feel of style and often luxury. We offer best manchester product photography. We can create clean and simple photographs to a complex photoshoot. Whatever your product photography requirements, we can help you to achieve them with high quality, affordable and stunning images!


At One North Studios, we understand the needs of our clients when it comes to cosmetics products. Cosmetics products can be one of the most challenging objects to photograph. High-quality images can be achieved when there is a combination of skills and the latest technology. From creative pack shots, group photos or highly reflective items, One North Studio can do it all.

Our photographers can work with highly reflective products, unique product, and brand layouts to bring out the best and to increase the selling power of your product.


We believe that with a natural and creative approach, fashion accessories can be photographed capturing desire, style, and raw emotion.

At One North Studio, Manchester we will take time and careful consideration when photographing the fashion accessories to portray an important message. As every piece of fashion accessory is uniquely designed, we understand the importance of capturing the amazing product definitions and details.

Whatever message you want to convey we provide product photography that drives sales.


360 degree product photography is more than just a rotating image. You can experience far greater details and information about the product. It gives an opportunity to bring out the dynamics of the products – it gives a new perspective to your product.

We offer a unique service that provides customers with high-quality 360-degree product photography in an affordable way – 360 Degree Product Video. Increase your sales and make your company stand out from your competitors.


Everything we do in packshot photography comes with great care and attention to ensure we achieve the very best results. Whether you are looking for packshot photography for an eCommerce site, brochure, print or advertising purposes, we are here to help.

We strive to deliver the quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your product is eye-catching and engaging. We truly believe that having top quality photography leads to sales conversion and customer retention.

With every packshot photography, our aim is to transform the packaging into an exciting and stunning piece of art. We achieve this with professionalism and experience, a high level of creativity, color contrast and sharp clarity. It is about achieving fabulous photography results without misleading.

Our professional team will provide great packshot photography from white background to creative scenery.

professional retouching in manchester

Our team at One North studio specialize in POST PRODUCTION which includes:

Background Removal (Deep Etching)

Whether you need a final photo for web or print, our professional team of experts will remove the background so your image looks clean and high-quality. The final images are on pure white or transparent backgrounds.

Retouching and Colour Correction

A picture is worth a thousand words. At One North Studio, we deliver images that reflect your products in great details, the colours are enhanced and imperfections corrected. We work on your image to bring out the true beauty of your product.

Image retouching represents a big part of our product photography service.

north west manchester product photography studio

Our simple process to high-quality photography

Step 1 – Call today to get a quote

Step 2 – Send us your products

Step 3 – We photograph your product with high-end studio equipment and custom lighting

Step 4 – We send you a link where you can view and download your product photographs

Step 3 – We photograph your product with high-end studio equipment and custom lighting

Step 4 – We send you a link where you can view and download your product photographs

still-life product photography in manchester

What will it cost?

White background photography is relatively inexpensive, all quotes are custom and based on the type of product, number of angles needed per product and the total number of products. We try to make it accessible & affordable for everyone, especially small businesses.

There is no minimum, if you only have 1 product, that's absolutely fine.

Large quantities are quoted at a discounted bulk rate and you can have extra products shot later in the year at the same rate, even if it's just 1 or 2 you've added to your line.

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About One North Studio:

Studio Location?

We are located in Central Manchester. If you're based in Manchester, you can drop them off. The editing process takes approx 5-10 days depending on your item and requirements.

Product photography service via post

We offer an England wide service, products can be posted to the studio and then posted back to you after the shoot. Please allow in your budget the cost to post it back to you. Where possible, just include a return prepaid satchel. For larger items, we will just invoice you the return postage amount. Anything delicate is carefully repackaged.

How will my photos be supplied?

All photos will be supplied in both high res JPG for web and email. We supply all our images via an online gallery with an option to download in bulk or individually.

Note: On deep etched photos, the high res PNG files contain a transparent background. This is great for layering looks or placing your product images on top of other imagery for marketing.

How long does it take?

Once we receive your products, generally allow 5-10 days for us to shoot and edit the photos.

Contact us to discuss your product photography needs.


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