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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

CGI Product Photography in Manchester


The changing trends of marketing are taking the business to a new level. The product appearance attracts us more than the quality in online shops. Photography plays a vital role in the success of an online business, and good photography can either make or break a business. Especially in this modern technological world, photography is the key to getting your brand an online presence. The consumers of online stores purchase products that look appealing at first glance and show all sides of the item.

Advertisers use the power of images to connect with the audience and convey the intended message about a business. We often come across sleek and spotless photos in advertisements and wonder how someone can capture such a perfect shot. But most of the time, these images are not actual photographs but computer-generated 3D images. With the changing trend, CGI photography is now replacing other types of professional photography for products. We often come across smooth and spotless photos on advertisement boards and wonder how someone can capture such a perfect shot. But most of the time, these pictures are not real photographs but computer-generated 3D images. Several Hollywood action movies have used 3D pictures that we think are original. These images are generated via CGI Photography. One North Studio offers CGI photography services at best prices. You can visit our website for service details and prices!

In this blog, you will learn about CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) photography, its impact on online businesses, and its advantages over traditional methods.

cgi photography in manchester | one north studio

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Photography:

CGI photography is the process of modeling any object by creating hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery to obtain a realistic picture of the item. It can be used for advertising or selling a retail product. CGI is becoming very popular in online businesses as a go-to marketing tool for advertisers to generate massive leads towards their business. This photography technique offers endless opportunities for designers and artists to produce photorealistic images and enhance them to suit the needs of advertisers. Your products need to be aesthetically pleasing and a treat to the eyes. People do consider buying products from online stores or websites that are managed poorly with ugly photos. A picture isn’t just worth 1000 words but, it is worth more-revenue. The growing number of social media audience has led many brands to create an online presence. Photography is an essential tool for the social media presence of any brand. Thus, if you are chasing your customers on Instagram, Facebook, or any other online platform, use engaging & compelling images to get a head start.

The CGI photography technology has progressed exponentially in recent years which led many businesses to utilize it as a secret weapon to showcase their products. Several furniture companies are using CGI photography to fill as much as 75% of their product offering. It is vital to consider that CGI cannot replace traditional photography, but these two disciplines can work together to create a better product and a successful marketing campaign.

CGI Photography Manchester, UK - One North Studio

How CGI photography change your online business?

CGI photography is now widely used by brands and online businesses to enhance the appearance of their products and improve their sales. Computer-generated images impact the online business in several positive ways. The following are the ways CGI Photography helps online businesses:

  • CGI reduces advertising costs of the products as you do not need to hire specific staff for photography, set design, videography, etc. It saves the time spent to take a perfect picture in the best location as there’s no need to travel to exotic locations to get the background to photograph and film your products.

  • CGI helps you impress a large number of viewers with the advanced features and effects of computer-generated images. It can be used to introduce prospective customers to the potential benefits of using your products.

  • CGI Photography reduces the time of creating products and marketing. You can digitally create the products, analyze the design, and eliminate issues before actually creating them. You can market the product design before producing it and see the consumer response before the final product is ready for sale.

  • CGI increases the value of your brand with high quality, visually appealing images. It helps to create better visuals and highly-impressive advertisement campaigns for multiple mediums. It also allows you to produce multiple variants of the same product by showcasing the differences in color, style, texture, features in an impressive and easy-to-understand manner. It reduces the time and cost of producing and photographing each product separately.

Advantages of CGI Photography over traditional methods:

The following are the advantages of computer-generated images over traditional photography:

  • CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Photography takes less time to create a product image.

  • CGI creates the products virtually before the final product is ready for sale. The virtual images or videos are better than the pictures taken by traditional photography.

  • Traditional photography requires more time and an expensive marketing campaign to spread information to potential consumers. On the other hand, a product created by CGI is ready to market before the final product is ready for sale.

  • With CGI, you can create perfectly pixelated versions of all your products (no matter the industry) that can correct for illegible labeling, as well as be easily resized to fit any thumbnail experience you want to create on your eCommerce website.

  • You can create engaging and compelling photographs to inspire and impress your customers with CGI effects at a low cost than traditional photography.

CGI Photography is a great for: interior, skincare products, perfumes and other eCommerce products. Get in touch to discuss your product!

Above is detailed information about CGI photography, its impact on online businesses, and its advantages over traditional photography. CGI photography is becoming popular in the marketing world due to its cost-effectiveness and several other benefits over traditional photography. If you are looking for commercial CGI photography for your products, One North Studio is here to serve you. Contact us for high-quality professional services of product photography.

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