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Flat Lay Photography Manchester - One North Studio

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

flat lay photography manchester - manchester

Flat Lay Photography

Traditionally,flat-lay photos have been composed on a flat surface. Flat lay can be a great way to show off your product and build a solid brand. This kind of photography started to be very popular a few years ago, and now is still evolving.

Flat Lay Photography is very popular in food photography, where you can pose the whole scene adequate to each dish. Building an interesting flat lay photo you have to think about texture, negative space and ingredients.

food photography using flat lay - one north studio

To give you a small idea of how “big” flat lays are, go to Pinterest or Instagram and check the hashtag #flatlay and you’ll see almost 8 million images under this hashtag. It’s for this reason why fashion and creative brands are adapting with this new style to market their products and services on social media. It is a great idea to invest in some flat lay and use it in your e-Commerce business. Clients appreciate a new look during online shopping and you can make your product stand out in a saturated market.

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Flat Lay in Fashion - Clothing Photography

Flat lay photography refers to the garments being laid out, styled, and shot from above, showing off the shape, and form of the clothing. That feeling of perfect organization-induced glee that you may feel upon encountering a table full of colored-coded, perfectly folded t-shirts can also be accomplished with a stunning flat lay on Instagram. This kind of photography is different from Invisible Ghost Manquin photography (gives you a unique three-dimensional view of your garments). It's worth checking which your customers would be drown to more. If your clients are young crowd we would recommend investing in flat lay photography as at this moment this is a very picturesque way to sell your products to millennials.

manchester fashion flat lay photography - clothes

How to style your Flat Lays for Beginners:

1. Know your style

Know your WHY. What kind of message would you like people to see while looking at your flat lay photos? Are you showing how your service or product can fit into your customer’s life? Your why is the foundation of your flat lay and all the decisions you make when creating it should be based on your why.

2. Choose a clean background

Don’t just grab the first background you see. Be mindful of how your subjects and supporting elements work with the background you’ve selected. Think about how the color, texture, and style of a backdrop contribute to the story you are telling or the mood you are conveying.

3. Invest in interesting props

Pick a lot of props (more than you think you would need) so that you can swap things in and out while you’re composing your shot. Also, try to pick objects of varying sizes and shapes to create visual interest. Focus on colors and shapes. You can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest

4. Layout

Make sure you give things space and keep the balance of the photo in mind. Props work well in odd numbers so threes or fives of things are great. Don’t be scared to change things around! It can be a lot of fun.

5. Shoot from above.

Climb up on a ladder or step stool and get shooting. Creating distance between you and the flat lay will help you fit everything into the shot. This is also one of the only ways to ensure that your photo looks flat.

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Remember about Hashtags. Instagram algorithm changes every now and then. Using proper hashtags and ALT text can help you target your client. Flat lay is a beautiful way to show off your product to your ideal customer. You just have to show it to them.

Flat lay photography is an incredibly powerful tool to sell your products online. If you need help and would you like to invest in your branding, you can contact us and we can create great social media content for your brand.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography

We work with one of the biggest UK clothing brands: Sisters and Seekers, Big Dude, Trapped in Freedom, Edge of Beyond, Green a poter etc. Using studio light, experience, knowledge of Flat lay photography, ghost manneguin and apparel on hanger. We transform clothing garments in artistic way into premium pieces.

CLothing flat lay Photography Manchester

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